I have been involved in a lot of floor paint packaging over the last year and I have posted several examples of this below. I also have worked on several other projects that don’t include paint so please ask if you need something else!

Packaging Watco
Watco industrial floor coatings. I was commissioned to redesign the complete range of Watco packaging. This included a wide range of containers and sizes. The new design makes the most of the new Watco logo and uses a flexible layout to cope with any size or shape container.

Packaging FibreGrid
FibreGrid anti slip flooring range. Generic design to suit a range of containers. The design was supplied as a set of templates for the client to print labels in-house.

Packaging New Watco Advanced

Watco Advanced range. A specialist product designed to improve on the standard Watco range. Builds on the new Watco pack design with a technical pattern and Watco Advanced logo.

Packaging for The Amazing Paint Company

Packaging for a new brand, The Amazing Paint Company.